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The Blueprint with Eliot Marshall

Mar 28, 2022

What if all the things you are wanting to accomplish actually worked out? Would that scare you?

Mar 25, 2022

Dan Millraney is a MMA fighter and head coach of MMA Stop

Mar 21, 2022

Do you like everyone? No.  Well guess what the same goes for you.  There will be people you meet, have a relationship with and then after some time, they won't like you.  What should you do about this fact?

Mar 18, 2022

Ari is a professional action sports athlete who podcasts and coaches in the realms of philosophy, meaning and relationships. He is the 4x American Highline record holder, top 10 American paraglide pilots and goes off huge fucking jumps on his skis, backwards. He lives in oregon and adventures as much as humanly possible.

Mar 11, 2022

Donald Robertson is a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist, author, one of the founders of Modern Stoicism, and also the new Plato's Academy Centre in Athens, Greece. His most recent book is How to Think Like a Roman Emperor, about the life and Stoic philosophy of Marcus Aurelius. He has two new books coming out soon,...