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The Blueprint with Eliot Marshall

Jul 10, 2023

My grandpa, my "Zedi". Dude had a signature move whenever someone hit him up with a "how you doing?" His reply? "I'm good. Nothing to complain about. Nobody cares." Zedi's no-nonsense response stuck with me, and now I'm passing the baton.

Let's face it, most people don't have time to sit around listening to a complaint fest. You yourselves probably tune out when someone else starts moaning. So here's the deal: we've got the power to decide how we react, and we can choose to skip the whine session.

Don't get me wrong here, I am not. saying bottle it up when you're stuck in a bind. If you need a hand, holler. Strategizing, making tweaks, getting feedback - all of that's solid gold. That ain't complaining. That's just playing smart and figuring stuff out.

But, let's be real, we all know what whining looks like. It's those pesky, negative thoughts that sneak in when we're zoned out, just cruising down the highway or chilling at home. If we let them run wild, they're nothing but trouble, nibbling away at our sanity, squashing our mojo, and turning our vibe into a bad B-movie.

Here's the truth bomb: you aren't ever gonna find a winner who's also a constant whiner. Those two don't mix. So, it's time we ditched the whining and started grinding.

Starting today, let's get on the Zedi train, quit the complaints, and focus on the good stuff.  Now that's a winning strategy.