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The Blueprint with Eliot Marshall

Jun 5, 2023

In a recent conversation with my friend Ryan Harris, a Super Bowl champion and former NFL player, something he said resonated deeply with me. We were discussing basketball and the expectations we have for ourselves and others. Ryan dropped some wisdom that left me inspired. He said, "Boys, expectations are a form of belief." Those words hit me like fire. It made me realize the significance of setting high expectations for ourselves and how they shape our belief in what we can achieve.

Imagine if we didn't have any expectations for ourselves or others. What would that mean? As a father, if I didn't expect my kids to put in the effort, work hard, and do the little things that lead to success in basketball, it would mean I didn't believe in them. The same principle applies to our own lives. We must start expecting greatness from ourselves. When we set expectations, we declare our belief in our ability to perform at our best, take action, and accomplish the little tasks that lead to significant achievements. Expectations form our beliefs, and we can bring our goals and dreams into existence with belief.

Start expecting great things from yourself. Believe in your potential and set high expectations for your actions, habits, and achievements. Whether getting up early, investing in personal growth, saving money, or pursuing your passions, let your expectations drive you toward becoming a true badass. Expectations can shape our belief in what is possible and propel us toward success. So, discover your passion, find your power, and let your expectations guide you toward greatness.