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The Blueprint with Eliot Marshall

Aug 28, 2023

Let's unpack a phrase we hear thrown around often: "mental toughness." It's a concept many strive for but struggle to define. So, what does it mean to be mentally tough?

Often, when we label someone as mentally tough, we picture a superhero-like character, invincible to fear, pain, or doubt. But let's debunk that right away.

Mental toughness is akin to courage. Think about someone you deem courageous – someone like Tim Kennedy, for instance. Do you think he never feels fear? Nah, that's not the case. He most definitely does. The difference? It's not that fear isn't present; it's that fear doesn't dictate his actions. Courageous individuals acknowledge their fears and face them head-on.

Similarly, mental toughness isn't about being impervious to emotional or psychological strain. It's about resilience and grit. It's about recognizing when you're broken and choosing to rise every single time. It's about facing setbacks, acknowledging the tears and doubts, and then, bravely stepping back into the fray.

Imagine a sword being forged. The metal is subjected to blistering heat, hammered repeatedly, and then cooled. Each cycle makes the blade sharper, more resilient. That's what it means to be mentally tough. Embracing the fire, enduring the hits, and emerging stronger.

To sum it up, mental toughness doesn't mean you're unbreakable. Rather, it signifies that every challenge that tries to break you will only shape you into a mightier version of yourself. Embrace the fire, and let it refine you. 🔥💪