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The Blueprint with Eliot Marshall

Sep 4, 2023

There's an allure in instant gratification. This rush of seeing immediate results after a burst of effort. This allure is particularly pronounced when we are younger or when we embark on a new journey. A child picks up a new hobby, and within days or weeks, we witness visible improvement. It's exhilarating, motivating.

However, as time goes on, and as our journey continues, the trajectory of our growth starts to flatten. The leaps become smaller. The bounds become less pronounced. This is where the true challenge lies.

Let's use jujitsu as a metaphor. You're a newbie, and you dedicate a month practicing every day. By the end of that month, you can tangibly feel and see your progress. However, fast forward seven years. You've been practicing diligently, almost daily, accumulating over 2,100 days of training. Now, if you intensify your efforts for another month, would you notice the same leap in progress as you did in the very beginning? Unlikely.

This is the reality of mastery. As you advance in any skill or craft, the magnitude of improvement shrinks in the short term. Every subsequent step requires more effort, more dedication, more time. Yet, the increments of improvement become subtler. It's not that you're not growing, but the growth is more nuanced, intricate.

Can you dedicate years, maybe even a decade, relentlessly pursuing mastery when the rewards become less visible? That's the question. It's the long game that matters. It's the unwavering commitment to consistency, even when the immediate results become elusive.

It's easy to be the newbie, fueled by the thrill of quick progress. But the real test? Being the OG, the one who sticks around when the going gets tough, when the growth curve plateaus. That's where true passion, power, and purpose come into play.

Remember, life isn't a sprint. It's a marathon. The short gains might wane, but the long-term growth? That's where the magic happens. Dive deep, stay committed, and let your purpose guide you.🔥🌟🌏