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The Blueprint with Eliot Marshall

Oct 9, 2023

Ever watched the NFL? If so, you've probably heard of Mike Tomlin, the renowned coach with an impressive record, including two Super Bowl victories. His long tenure in a profession known for frequent turnovers speaks to his caliber.

One of his philosophies stuck with me. He mentioned that success isn't just about what we're capable of achieving, but more about what we're willing to consistently strive for.

Here's a simple analogy: Think about a friend who effortlessly nails a challenging trick or skill once or twice, then rests on that brief moment of glory. Isn't it more commendable for someone to continuously hone that skill, rather than flash it occasionally?

Tomlin's philosophy revolves around this concept. Having a talent or capability is great, but the real value lies in leveraging that talent consistently. It's like a student who has the potential to score straight A's but settles for B's out of complacency.

This doesn't just apply to sports. In academics, arts, relationships, and essentially any life avenue, it's the continuous effort that counts. Knowing you can achieve something is only half the battle; the true challenge is in delivering on that potential consistently.

While raw talent and capability are valuable, they don't define success. It's the commitment to consistently harnessing that talent that truly sets the greats apart. As we progress in our academic and personal lives, let's strive not just for occasional brilliance, but for consistent excellence.