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The Blueprint with Eliot Marshall

Sep 27, 2019

We seem to live for our limits rather than our goals, but what if we lived a LIMITLESS existence? What if we BELIEVED in ourselves rather than sell ourselves short? As a professional MMA fighter, I often psyched myself out of believing in myself. I convinced myself that I could not hang with the best in the game. I sometimes even had arguments with coaches and teammates where I "justified" my complete lack of belief in myself. It's impossible to know whether or not I would have ever reached the top of my division in the UFC, but my mindset most certainly did not help me reach my goal. I did not believe I could beat the best, so I was never the best. I cannot guarantee that you will reach the goal you're chasing, but I can assure you this: regardless of the end result, you will have a much more meaningful, empowering journey if you CHOOSE to believe in yourself.