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The Blueprint with Eliot Marshall

Jun 30, 2020

"The greater danger for most of us lies not in seeing our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark!!" Michelangelo

Jun 29, 2020

Hillis Pugh is an author, teacher, and speaker who works to empower others to become their best selves. We discuss his holistic practices, how to find one's path, and more. Hillis and I have different approaches to the same goal, but the similarities and most importantly what we can learn from each other is key...

Jun 26, 2020

Duane Ludwig is one of the best striking coaches in the world, an MMA coach, and a former MMA fighter. Coming up as a fighter, Duane learned to study combat disciplines to maximize his time and develop a striking system that has been used by some of the current top UFC athletes, including TJ Dillashaw and Justin...

Jun 25, 2020

There is only one way to progress.  Your boundary must be pushed.  You have to be reaching for what seems impossible.  You have to be striving for whats seems like a task you can't do.  This is comfortable and this isn't easy.  Progress has never come from comfort and ease.

Jun 24, 2020

This is what find your power means.  It's the process of going from fragile to anti fragile.  Its not that bad things don't come our way its that when these come they actually make us stronger not weaker!!